Life is an adventure if you love learning!

The first time I came in contact with a computer was at the ripe old age of 26. My goal, to learn how to play the computer game Frogger. Days were packed with my many hobbies; running, biking, reading, gardening, and working. I thought I had no need for a computer other than to help frogs jump from log to log, life was intense.

The years flew by; kids were added to the mix and after 10 years of diligently practicing my jumping skills on the computer it was time to take my next big jump, learning how to type a Daily Life Journal in Word.  I had no idea what, how, or where the documents were being saved.

There was little progress in my repertoire of computer skills. Until one day I heard a friend talking about digital scrapbooking, I decided this was something I needed to learn.  Little did I know the impact this would have on my computer comprehension.

I started my journey of digital scrapbooking with Creative Memories Storybook Creator program. I loved the ease with which I could create pages in this program. Of course like most things in life once you learn a skill you realized how little you know, and there is a big world full of things you need or want to cram your mind full of. 

The goal of learning digital scrapbooking was followed by lessons in creating better photos, which led to using a DSLR Camera on the manual setting, this led to the amazing world of Photoshop Elements. Everything I have learned has taught me there is more I want to know.

I have now decided to take another step, learning how to blog. My goal is to show the before and after shots of pictures I have enhanced in Photoshop. I want people to see that even little changes can make a big difference in their photos.

Along with my addiction to Photoshop I hope to share through photos and journaling my other interest; running, calligraphy, reading, biking, gardening, and traveling.

When it comes to living life I believe you should live it to the fullest.

What r u going to do about it


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