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Find Your Passion

If it was easy everyone would do it, was the comment that I chanted over and over as we ran (lumbered) up this hill.

A friend and I ran 50 miles to celebrate her 50th birthday. The temperature got into the 80’s, sun beating down with very little shade, dirt, rocks, and hills. It was not easy nor was every step fun, but we accomplished what we had set out to do.

I love running, but that does not mean it is always enjoyable. Rain, cold, ice, humidity, snow, sun, wind, freezing, and sweltering weather do not always make for the best running conditions, but with friends waiting to join you on your 5:00 a.m. run, your time on the road or trail can be an experience.

We laugh, we cry, were silent, were chatter boxes, but most of all we support each other in running and life.

Photography helps me to share my journey. Even though the idea of being swept off my feet by the current and have to retrieve my phone was not appealing, I decided it was worth carry my phone/camera so I could capture the memory. We crossed, what some would call a creek, and I called a river 12 times during the race.

This photo was taken as we were preparing to head up a steep incline and the sun was just beginning to crest the hill.

Set a goal, take a chance,  live life joyfully!

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