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Attention Deficit Disorder and Creativity

The plan was to show simple photo edits on this blog, small fixes that make a huge difference in the final look of a photo.  The small touches such as tweaking the color, cropping, and removing red eye. Of course like most things in my life, Attention Deficit Disorder takes over and I am off in left field chasing squirrels. So instead of small fixes I have been showing the before and after of what can be accomplished with filters, brushes, and textures. Not what I planned, but I have found happiness.

Surprisingly I can sit for hours tweaking the photos with different editing techniques; it’s like finding a hidden treasure behind every door. My brain is happy, it can bounce from one idea to another in a matter of minutes, and all it takes is a push or slide of a button.

Some pictures tell a story of everyday life they are not meant or never will be considered great art, but please take the time to fix the red eyes. Other photos beg for a little imagination to make the ordinary a little more extraordinary.

Love where I am and where I am going.