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I love the smell of spring. Nothing makes me happier then spending the day outside or having the windows open to the house and breathing in the smells of spring; clean, fresh, and crisp.
Breathe also means; stop, slow down, take a deep breath and take time for others. I can get so wrapped up in myself that I don’t want to take the time for others. I might be late… I need to get this done… I have that to do…. The list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to take time for and with ourselves. But we live in a world where there are a lot of people who are hurting and they just want or need someone to listen to them.
Yesterday as I hurried from errand to errand I stopped at the gym to do a quick 10 minute workout on my legs. I had lots of things I still needed to get done and places I needed to go. In the parking lot I stopped and talked to a young woman. She was in pain; life is tough for her right now. I tried to keep my mind focused on what she was saying, but I kept thinking I need to go. I was wondering how do I stop this conversation without being rude. Then she said “my husband is tired of me talking about how much I hurt. I just need someone to listen.” I took a deep breath and spent the next hour listening and enjoying standing outside in God’s creation listening to this woman’s concerns.
I still had time in my day to take pictures and edit the blooms from my pear tree.
Breathe in God’s goodness.

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