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I have always struggled with writing.

I’m not comfortable with sentence composition, it takes me multiple tries to get my thoughts on paper. My tendency is to write like I talk. Also my brain goes faster then I write, which causes whole sentences and thoughts to be skipped in my writing.  Not only am I uncomfortable with my writing, my spellings atrocious. This is another reason I love the computer; spellcheck and quick access to an online dictionary.

In elementary school I had a teacher who humiliated me in front of the class by making fun of my sloppy handwriting. I was trying to learn cursive. I thought I would show her by printing everything from that time forward. I look back and realize I only hurt myself.

As I get older I realize that I don’t want to limit myself, I love the challenge of learning and trying new things. Many things I feared or hated in youth I now embrace.

I have taken Calligraphy classes and enjoy the process of making beautiful letters.

Never limit yourself because you are uncomfortable.

Calligraphy, beautiful letters.

Calligraphy, beautiful letters.


Before and after pictures.