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Instead of a New Year’s resolution, a friend of mine picks a word to weave into her life during the year. At the beginning of this year she shared her aspiring word while we were on our morning run, unhurried

Morning runs are great for solving problems of the world, and supporting each other in our life events. But it was not a positive morning for me. My negative thought; what kind of word is unhurried. Of course I had to open my mouth and say “what a stupid word.” I had to add one more comment “who would ever want the word unhurried?”

For me time is of the essence. The more you cram into the day the happier you will be.

That was until four weeks ago. During a run I fell on ice and injured my back. I now have taken unhurried as my word.

I no longer get up at 4:30 in the morning to run. I have changed my schedule to riding a recumbent bike at the gym in the afternoon. The injury has changed my daily schedule and the activities that filled that time. My life is unhurried.

 In 2010 I started taking pictures of ordinary things that happen in our daily life. These pictures were placed in photo albums with names such as Project 365, Project Life, and Day to Day Memories. Daily photos help me practice my photography skills, they also helps me see the beauty in everyday life. 

Living life unhurried.

Enjoying daily life unhurried.

Enjoying daily life unhurried.